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    The Tulsa County Online Events Calendar is where you can find or post Tulsa County area happenings for concerts, church activities, school events, business functions, sports team sign-ups, village association meetings, club and support group activities, etc. The Tulsa County Online Events Calendar is a true community resource!


    • Many different ways to find something to do
      Search by date, either by clicking on a day in the current month's calendar or by typing in a specific date. Plan ahead by viewing next month's happenings - just a click away! The Events home page even suggests featured events you might want to check out.


    • Browse events grouped by audience - such as
      Kids, Families or Singles


    • Browse listings grouped by event type - such as
      Concerts, Shows & Festivals or Kid's Fun & Activities


    • View all the events for a particular organization
      Community Calendars


    • Use a keyword to search by event subject line
      Type in a keyword like the name of a performer, the name of a team or league, or any term that might appear as the subject line of an event listing. Besides finding what you're looking for, you might discover something else you and your family could do together.


         Businesses and organizations can easily publish all kinds of information on     
         the Web, including date sensitive information - like an event - that is 
         automatically removed from Tulsa County Online upon expiration. 
         Self-publishing content is simple, fast, affordable, and requires NO technical 
         expertise whatsoever.



    • Featured Events
      Featured Events takes the guesswork out of finding the most interesting things to do in the Tulsa County area. Our Events editors pick the best of the best and feature them on the Events Calendar home page. To suggest an event to be featured or one you'd like to see promoted, just contact us.



    • Post events for your business
      Market yourself to the Tulsa County area's "connected" users. Information you self-publish appears on your Business Directory page in the right sidebar as a link, as well as in the site content area (such as in the Events Calendar) to which you post. 


         TCO cares about your privacy

         At Tulsa County Online, we respect and safeguard the information that our 
         site users have entrusted to us. Tulsa County Online will neither share nor 
         provide specific user information to any third party for any purpose, either 
         commercial or otherwise, unless required by law. As both your neighbors and
         fellow site users, privacy issues are a paramount concern of ours.

    Registered User Information Privacy
    The personal information that we require from registered users is the minimum necessary to verify that you live in our community (name and phone number) and to efficiently notify and inform you of account information for listing renewal (email address). We also request general information on where you live (city, zip code, state, neighborhood) for advertising demographics, and your age to comply with the Child Online Protection Act (over/under age 17).

    Tulsa County Online really does care about your privacy. For more information please read our Privacy Policy and Site Terms of Use.

         TCO Advertising

    Are you taking advantage of one of the area's most visited and comprehensive online Events Calendar? Tulsa County Online provides local businesses and organizations with a variety of e-Business Marketing Solutions to economically and successfully present their products and services to area residents in ways that were not possible before the Internet. Compared to print and broadcast alternatives, our programs offer the best visibility and value for your marketing investment.


    • Events Calendar Section Sponsorship
      The Tulsa County Online Events section can be sponsored by your business. You can gain the recognition and visibility the comes with providing such a valuable and useful service to our local residents.


    • Need to Get Your Message Out to a Broad Cross-Section of Area Residents?
      The Tulsa County Online Events Calendar home page and item listing pages are among the most viewed web pages in the Tulsa County area. Banner ads placed on these pages are assured of visibility throughout the area.


    • Target Ads To Specific Events Audiences and Types
      Banner ads can promote businesses to people who have specific buying interests. There is no better way to market your products and services to those that have a demonstrated interest in these types of goods and services. The principles that apply to targeted banner ads in the Events section also hold true for the other major content areas of Tulsa County Online.  Use them to cover all the bases in your advertising campaign. There's no other local medium that's as economical and effective.




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